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Opening Ceremony for the Kea Club, without the badge links. Use with 'Kea Closing Ceremony' so that the relevant badge links only appear once in your session programme


Kea Flag


Opening ceremony
Welcome to visitors and Parent Help.
Introduce Keas to the yell - Give me a K (K K K), give me an E (E E E), give me an A (A A A), What does that spell Kea Kea Kea, I'm a Kea hooray
Our Kea Promise – I Share, I Care, I Discover, I Grow.
Te Reo Maaori Version - Te Kī Taurangi Kea (Our Kea Promise) - Ka tohatoha ahau, ka manaaki ahau, ka kite ahau, ka whanake ahau.
Scout Values - Have respect (shake hands), Do what is right (make a tick sign), Be positive (thumbs-up sign).
Kea Song - I'm a happy Kea Scout, we like to help you out. We care, we share, we have good fun where ever we go.
Introduce theme for this session.


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