Draw Five Flags

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Template for Beavers to draw five flags for the International Activity Badge


Printouts of attached files, colouring pencils. Optional: scissors, sticky tape, art straws/lollipop sticks, hole punch, string.


Give each child a template and print off enough flag pictures for the children to copy in groups. There is space on the template for the Beavers to write a fact they have found out about one of the countries (or stick on a picture). I have chosen a range of flags with some very simple ones to copy for the youngest, and more challenging ones for the more artistic/more able. You may prefer to choose your own.
Optional: you may wish to let the Beavers cut out their pictures and turn them into flags by sticking them onto art straws or lollipop sticks, or you could thread them onto string and turn them into bunting.


  • flag colouring

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