JOTT (Jamboree On The Trail)

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Join an international event, continue the tradition of Canterbury Trek, and incorporate National Kea Hike
Saturday May 10th, 9 to 9.30 am start
• Route begins and ends at Taylors Mistake car park.
• Different length routes to suit the various youth sections. Route map and risk management will be available closer to the event.
• Open to families and all SCOUTS NZ youth and leaders
• An international badge available on the day for $2
• No postponement date, JOTT is on wet or fine
• Leaders and parents must accompany youth and are responsible for their supervision.
• Carry a First Aid Kit. Red Cross will not be in attendance.
• Bring: parka, warm jersey, snacks, plenty of water, sunhat, sunblock, (all in a back pack)
• Wear scout shirt and scarf and sturdy shoes
• Toilets are available at the car park
• Marshals will be positioned at track junctions and Summit Road Crossings
• Sausages $2, drinks and chocolate for sale at the end, at Taylors Mistake Car park.

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