Table top cooking

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Using a pie tin attached to a tripod, use a tea light to cook sausages and eggs on a table top. Demonstrate safe practise for cooking over an open flame. Discuss what you would do if someone was to get burned.


50cm sticks to construct tripod (6 per tripod), elastic bands, Pie tins, cooking oil, tea lights, string, scissors, matches, plates, paper plates, plastic forks, sausages and eggs


1. Brief scouts on health and safety issues with cooking and what you would do if you got burnt.
2. Construct a tripod using the elastic bands to hold the sticks together. Use the 3 extra sticks to strengthen the base between each leg creating a pyramid shape.
3. Make three even holes around the pie tins with scissors.
4. Tie three pieces of string of equal length to the pie tins and tie the other ends to the top of the tripod.
5. Once you have the tripod and cooking platform created pour enough cooking oil into each tin.
6. Light the tea light with a match and place it on a ceramic plate under the pie tin.
7. Allow the cooking oil to heat up and place in your sausages and egg. (make sure you do not overload the pie tin or it will collapse and spill cooking oil.)
8. Allow the food sufficient time to cook, then serve up on paper plates and enjoy.
9. when cleaning up collect all the cooking oil up and dispose In a responsible manner.


  • backwoods Cooking
  • camp cooking
  • first aid burns and scalds

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