hot air balloon

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making a hot air balloons using a toaster and a hair dryer


• Thin pedal bin liners
• Toaster
• Cardboard (cereal box).
• Thin black bin liners (preferably biodegradable)
• Masking tape
• Scissors
• Hair dryer


1. Cut the cardboard so that you can make it into a tube that will go around the toaster
2. Open out a thin pedal bin liner and place the open end over the cardboard tube
3. Place the toaster under the cardboard tube and switch on
4. As the heat from the toaster warms up the air it will rise and fill the plastic bag. This will
cause it to rise
5. To make it more stable add some tape to the bottom of the bag.
1. Cut the sealed ends off four black bin liners
2. Cut the bin liners down the long side to make four sheets of plastic
3. Join all the sheets together by taping along the longest sides
4. Make the long sheet into a tube
5. Seal one of the ends of the tube with tape
6. Seal the opposite end at 90 degrees to the previous seam to make a pyramid shape
7. Cut off one of the corners so that you have a hole of about 15cm in diameter
8. Turn the balloon so that the hole is pointing down
9. Use a hair dryer to blow hot air into the balloon


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