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Planning a three course menu in groups to cook next week, including method, ingredients list , equipment list and a discussion of what makes a balanced meal.


pens, paper, recipes (provided by scouts and by leaders), blackboard, food wheel handouts


Begin with a group discussion about what makes a balanced meal, and why it is important to design healthy meals. Using recipes scouts are then to work in their groups to come up with a balanced three course menu including two sauces, at least 2 portions of fruit and veg. Leaders to check that recipes and techniques are sufficiently challenging for different levels of scouts. Older scouts (inc PLs) are to cook a vegan menu, to add difficulty. After menu is agreed they are to split into pairs to write out a list of ingredients and a method to follow next week. Leaders will only buy ingredients on the list, and they will only have their own written method to use as a guide for next week. Finally scouts should consider the equipment they will need, and list this in their method.


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