Scouts Vs Leaders

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Troop night Game Show - Various rounds of Scouts V Leaders


Ping pong balls, Cans of drink, rope


2 Team captains. 1 for Scouts and 1 for leaders.
Each round select 3 scouts and 3 leaders

Round 1: Nose Ball
Push a ping pong ball from one end of the hall to the other using only your nose.

Round 2: Down a Fizzy Drink
Drink a can of soda in the fastest time possible (Use diet drinks to be kinder to teeth)

Round 3: Tug O War

Round 4: Running race around the HQ

Round 5: Stare Out
1vs1. Stare until someone blinks, laughs or looks away

Round 6: Leg Raising
(More players allowed) Pair up. One person lies on the floor on their back with their legs in the air. Try to keep the legs off the ground for the longest. 2nd person checks that their leg is not touching the ground. Last person still with their legs in the air is the winner.

Round 7: Musical Chairs

Round 8: High Jump



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