Water War

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Race against teams to find out who'll get splattered by a water bomb or not


Balloons filled with Water
A pin (to pop said balloon)
Giant Playing Cards



Very simply, the Cubs run towards the cards, grab one and hold it close to their chest before running back to the chair without looking at it. If they are the first one back, they are asked whether they want to swap their card. If they don't, the other teams reveal their card by holding it up in the air (but not looking at it). Cubs often groan or cheer depending on the card. The first person (if they haven't changed their card at first) is asked again whether they want to change their card, remembering that they have only heard the woops or groans from the groups looking at them and their cards.

Whichever Cub has the lowest card is the loser and gets "bombed" or literally a water balloon placed above their head and exploded.
If two (or more) have the same lowest card, they must go back to grab another card. This time, the Cub with the lowest card gets two "bombs".
Ace is always high!

Introduce a Joker card into the game, this allows whoever has it to swap their card with any other team in the row. Only play this once and never let the Cubs understand what a Joker means until its too late. Whoever gets a Joker card after swapping automatically gets bombed!


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