Hot Chocolate Challenge

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Scouts to build a fire, and boil the water so they have drunk their hot chocolate by the end of the evening. Leaders are there in a supervisory role only. Can the Scouts work as a team to reach this goal?


Background knowledge on building a fire.
Tinder(we had them bring something from home- as homework!) kindling and larger logs. (Safe axe area if required)
Kettle/ Billy something to boil the water in.
Gloves suitable for handling hot things around a fire.
Water- drinking and emergency
Source of ignition
Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows
Spoon/ mugs....


Get them to do a risk assessment before beginning.
Encourage them to assign roles, and discuss how they intend to build the fire.
I think the rest is self explanatory.... :)

This could be adapted for beavers- but i personally would keep them away once the fire is burning- and probably wouldn't let them near an axe!


  • fire building
  • fire lighting
  • Fire Safety
  • fuel
  • hot
  • hot Chocolate
  • kindling
  • marshmallows
  • Team challenge
  • tinder

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