Paper Plane Derby

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Make paper airplanes and aim that at targets, longest distance etc. We play the following;
Paper Airplane Basketball - You can use a real basketball hoop, or set up a bin or hoop and see who is the best shot with a paper airplane. Try making adjustments to the same plane and shooting from different positions.
Target Shooting - Set up a target. A toy, a bell, a hoop, a ring, whatever you wish. Then take turns hitting the target from different locations.
Distance contests - Use masking tape or stationary objects to mark distance and see who can throw a plane the farthest.
Time Afloat contests - Use a stopwatch and see who is able to keep a paper airplane in the air the longest.


Paper, chair, string or hoop


Using coloured paper, make one of 4 types of aeroplane following folding instructions (each helper to demonstrate one type of plane)
beavers to fly the aeroplanes a small group at a time in a little contest (Helpers to announce who is winning each contest / keep disruptive beavers under closer control)
1/ which plane goes farthest
2/ which plane stays in the air longest
3/ which plane can land in a hoop
4/ which plane can hit a target


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