Cooking Nachos

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Cooking Nachos at the den.


Kitchen, stove-top cooker, electric cooker or outdoor cooker, utensils, plates & cutlery.
Little Oil, Minced beef, beef stock, onions, cans of mild chilli beans, crushed tomatoes, nacho chips/crisps, cheese, sour cream.


Chilli beef: (This is best done right at the start of the night as when it has had a chance to cool a bit, it is far better on nachos)
Heat pan on medium heat with little oil - when warm add peeled & diced onion. Don't let it get brown or burnt.
Add minced beef and stir / chop it in with the onions.
Keep stirring and cooking till all the meat is in small pieces and browned.
Add 1 cup of beef stock, a can of crushed tomatoes and a can of chilli beans.
Stir in & cook for another 5-7 minutes.
Once the liquid has reduced off a bit and it is a nice thick texture, remove from heat and allow to cool / set for a bit.

Serving it all:
Place nachos on bottom of plate / dish.
Scoop some chilli beef on top (might have to reheat a little bit if has cooled down too much)
Add grated cheese to top
Then a scoop of sour cream on the very top.


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