Friendship challenge France

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Learn about people far away, learn 4 facts about France


Pictures of National dress for France (including flag), story of ???, picture search - pictures of popular french landmarks, have picture and names that they need to match together, Information sheet to fill in about France, colouring pens and pencils.
Food stuff - croissants etc (Claire) , for printouts:
Flag: or the French Scout emblem
Landmark coloring pages: (Eiffel Tower & Louvre)
Facts about scouting in France:, then get them to fill out a fact sheet from what they remembered.


Read story about ??? to set the scene. Set up 3 bases, one to do picturesearch, one for colouring in national dress and flag, and one for fact finding about ???, from story. Split Beavers into 3 groups and work around the 3 bases, covering 4 facts about France.


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