Inter-Patrol Competition (IPC) Incident Hike

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First aid incident hike with six elements;
1. Map Reading
2. First Aid
3. Communication
4. Team work
5. Pioneering
6. Speed


Based on 4 Patrols;

8 x 2m Poles
8 x 0.5m Poles
16 x 6mm short rope 1.5m
4 x 6mm long rope 4m
4 x Young Leaders/Explorers (casualty)
4 x Leaders/Adults (Assessors)


Patrols are sent in different directions with certain kit and a two way radio. When they arrive at their first check point they are presented with a message that tells them that the hike is in fact a first aid incident. They must treat the casualty, and at the same time contact the other patrols to arrange exchange of the equipment that they will need to make the stretcher detailed on the sheet. The first teams will then have to get their casualty back to base in the shortest time.

All patrols are issued a waypoint and a check point and told that they must go via the waypoint to the first checkpoint where they will meet a leader who will give them their next grid ref.

Waypoint Checkpoint Equipment to carry
Cobra 7125 3825 / 7110 3810 8 x 2m Poles
Eagle 7115 3915 / 7120 3940 8 x 0.5m Poles
Falcon 7125 3825 / 7150 3840 16 x 6mm short rope 1.5m
Stag 7115 3915 / 7135 3905 4 x 6mm long rope 4m


1. All scouts in the patrol to be utilised
2. The Stretcher MUST be the design shown
3. Parts requested by other patrols must be surrendered at a mutual location if your patrol has them.
4. If requested you MUST relay messages to other patrols if they are not in direct contact.
5. Smallest sub-group size is 3 scouts.
6. Sabotage of another’s kit or stretcher will result in disqualification.
7. Any other questions can be clarified by radio to base.

SCORING (all scores are up to a max off..)

First Aid = 50pts (10pts for Assess Danger, 10pts for Assessment of patient, 10pts for using radio to call for help, 20pts for treatment of patient, 10pts for continued monitoring and interaction)
Stretcher = 50pts (10pts for each square lashing, 10pts for body support) does it stay together for the duration etc...
Return to base time =
1st = 50pts
2nd = 20pts
3rd = 10pts
4th = 0pts


  • first aid
  • grid references
  • Incident
  • Incident Hike
  • map reading
  • pioneering stretcher
  • stretchers

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