Pass the Tea Light

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Pass the Tea Light team relay. This is a skillful game that needs everyone in the team to pay attention and work together.


Tea Lights, Spoons, Chairs


Split the unit into teams. You will need to arrange a row of chairs for each team with enough chairs for 1 each. Each explorer will also need a spoon. The Explorers will need to stand on the chairs. The first person will have a lit Tea Light on their spoon and they will need to pass it to the person next to them. The winning team is the team that get the lit tea light from one end to the other the quickest.

If people cheat make the tea light go back 2 chairs or pause for 10 seconds. To make it more difficult move chairs apart and turn our main hall lights. If you light the Tea Lights 5 mins before the game they should stay alight better.

Please remember that the Tea Lights and hot wax can burn so do a good safety briefing before hand and make sure you have done a thorough risk assessment that you are happy with.


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