Symbol Hunt

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Scouts will be given a paper with places of interest marked on it. They must find the symbol on an OS map, mark down the GR then visit as many as possible in the time allowed.


Sheet with places of Interest, OS Symbols, OS map of area, digital camera, if you have one laptop and projector to show selfies at the end


Timings and instructions
0-30 mins. Give each patrol a copy of the Symbol hunt sheet, a OS Symbols key and a 1:25000 OS map of your local area. Patrols must draw the OS Symbol on the sheet and write down the grid reference. They must then select the ones they will visit.
30-90 mins. Once done set the patrol off with the digital camera to take selfies of the patrol in the places they have selected.
90-120 check selfies

Award points.

2 points for getting the symbol correct. Add or subtract points for artistic merit.
3 points for the Grid Reference. Add or subtract points for accuracy.
1 - 5 points depending on distance from the hut for each location visited.
2 points for selfies - subtract points if location is not obvious or not all patrol is in the photo. Add points for artistic merit and if they are funny.

Warning: Sanity check the places selected for major / busy roads. Use of the green cross code etc is mandatory as is use of pavements and normal rights of access, no running over private property for example.

Please change the symbol sheet to meet local needs.


  • grid references
  • map skills
  • Navagation
  • OS map symbols

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