Put Your Hands Up

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By asking Beavers and Cubs to respond to a series of questions, you will introduce them to mental health, increasing their understanding about what it means and illustrate that absolutely everyone has mental health




Question 1 'Put your hand up if you have physical health'
Question 2 'Put your hand up if you have mental health'
Question 3 'Put your hand up if you've felt happy this week'
Question 4 'Put your hand up if you've felt sad in the last month'
Question 5 'Put your hand up if you enjoy playing football'
Question 6 'Put your hand up if you feel nervous before tests'

Explain to the group that this is their mental health. We all have mental health just as we have physical health.Some people can become unwell physically and mentally. We can also look after our mental health as we can look after our physical health. Now discuss!


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  • mental health

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