Dragon Scout

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Dragon scouts a take on dragons den. The scouts will have 15 mins and can use paper and pens to create a new social media site or anything really (we used this to complete part of the digital maker badge) with one main feature that's different to all the others they would use today. Once the 15 mins has finished they will present their idea to the rest of the scouts and leaders. The leaders who are the dragons will then choose out of the two which they like the best and that patrol will win.


Pens and paper


Scouts are split into their patrols
Scouts are then told what they need to design if it be a new social media site or anything else.
You then tell them they have 15 mins to design there idea and make sure that they can present it to the rest of the scouts and leaders who are the dragons.
Once they have designed their social media site they will then take it in turns to present their idea to the scouts and the dragons who are the leaders.
The leaders then need to choose who they would invest in like the dragons would.


  • creative
  • DIgital IT
  • present
  • presentation

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