Prep for Camp - Outdoors Challenge

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Preparation for camp, going over important information including: accidents/first aid, the Countryside Code, hygiene, and what to pack for camp.


First aid kit, blackboard/whiteboard, large camping rucksack (*2?) with some example equipment you would and would not take on camp, at least 5 copies of the countryside code ( website), pens and paper, hand sanitiser/baby wipes.


Begin with overview of accidents and first aid: What kind of accidents might happen outdoors/at a camp? Scouts should show they know how to deal with a bug bite, cut, graze, and sprain. We can discuss what to do with broken bones etc, but this should mainly cover yelling for help and getting a leader.

Then move on to discussing the countryside code and how it effects us on a camp. Begin by giving out copies of the guidance and letting them read through it. Then using the blackboard write out each rule: Respect other people, Protect the environment, and Enjoy the outdoors. Discuss with the scouts what each rule means, and then try to list under each heading things we can do to uphold the code.

Following on from the country side code we will discuss hygiene on camp. Why is personal hygiene important? (illness for yourself or for others, comfort, etc.) Why is it particularly important on a camp? (contact with soil, washing facilities are further away, cooking, handling wood, animal contamination, close contact with others - in tents or in games, etc.) Have a discussion with them about this, and then get them to in their groups write down some things they can do to maintain hygiene in camp - not just themselves but for the rest of camp. Examples include, putting food waste such as egg shells or meat packaging directly in the bin bag and washing hands immediately afterwards; keeping raw meat away from other foods; washing hands before eating or cooking; washing hands after going to the toilet; use of hand sanitiser; gloves while handling wood?

If there is time, or if this has not been done recently, go over what to pack in a camp rucksack. List things as a group on the blackboard/whiteboard, then separate in to small groups and get them to demonstrate what to pack in a bag. Leaders to check and then groups can swap around. Those not packing bags can help to gather equipment we will need to take on camp. This can be stored on top of the two wooden tables in the entranceway until the weekend.


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