Bonnie Prince Charlie

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Prince Charlie and his attendants must evade capture


1 Necker (thanks to 3rd Poole Sea Scouts)


A scout acts as Prince Charlie. Three or four of the best Scouts in the Troop act as his attendants.
The remainder of the Troop represent the Army. (The number of boys detailed to act as the Prince's companions
depends upon the nature of the ground and upon their experience in Scouting as compared with the other Scouts in
the Troop.)
In the simpler form of the game, the Prince's attendants have to prevent his capture for a given period. In the more
complex form they have to convey the Prince to any one of a number of given places within a certain period.
In the first form of the game the Prince's party loses only if the Prince is captured. In the second form, only if he
fails to gain one of the given places within the time limit. During the game the Prince will do whatever his
attendants request and will not act on his own initiative. The Prince will wear a neckerchief loosely slipped through
the back of his belt, and if this is removed he will be considered "captured'!


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