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5. Know how Brownie Guides got their name (Rosebud Song)




This activity will help the Brownies understand how Brownies got their
Instructions Rosebud Action Song
Tune: ‘Keel Row’
(Brownies will need a partner in verse 3, pair them up so they know
who to turn to).
We started out as Rosebuds, Rosebuds, Rosebuds,
We started out as Rosebuds, but didn’t like our name!
We asked if we could change it, change it, change it
We asked if we could change it, So Agnes tried again.
Then B-P thought of Fairy Folk, Fairy Folk, Fairy Folk
Then B-P thought of Fairy Folk a Helping Brownie Hand
So now you see we’re Brownies, we’re Brownies, we’re Brownies
So now you see we’re Brownies Ready to Lend a Hand
Verse 1: kneeling on one knee with the other foot on the floor and knee
bent, form a bud shape with hands above head, sway slightly with the tune –
on the last line stand up.
Verse 2: holding hands in a circle, skip a few steps into the centre of circle,
then skip back out. Repeat. On the last line, turn and face a partner in circle.
Verse 3: hook right elbow with partner, and skip step in small circle. On last
line, move back to large circle and hold hands.
Verse 4: large circle skip around as in Brownie Ring. On last line, make the
Promise sign
Debrief/Discussion Where did Brownies begin? (England)
Who is B-P, mentioned in the song? (Lord Baden-Powell)
Who is Agnes mentioned in the song? (Sister)
What is Lend a Hand? (helping others without complaining)


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