Knot Relay

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A game to reinforce quick recall of knots.


Knotting ropes.


Each six/patrol lines up at one end of the hall. At the other end, one chair is placed for each six/patrol, with a supervising leader. At the 'go', the first cub/scout runs up to the chair, picks up a rope, and ties the knot the leader calls out. [For knots like clove hitches, tie them round the chair]. Once the cub/scout has correctly tied the knot, they untie it, run back to their six/patrol and tag the next person to run and tie their knot. The first six/patrol to finish are the winners! For differing numbers of cubs/scouts, nominate one or more six/patrol member to go twice, so each six/patrol goes the same number of times.


  • Knot Tying
  • knots
  • relay
  • relay race

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