Blind Waiter

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Patrols must successfully find, undo and pour a bottle of fizzy drink into five glasses. Each Patrol member must carry out no more than one element of the task and at least five of the team must wear blindfolds


One bottle of fizzy drink per Patrol, one glass for each patrol member, blindfolds for 5 members of each patrol, one cloth (towel or similar) per patrol


1. Hand out blindfolds to all team members other than the Patrol Leader, instruct all team members other than the PL to put on their blindfold. 2. Ask the PL to take a seat somewhere close to his/her Patrol and ask him/her to sit on their hands.
3. For each Patrol, position one bottle of fizzy, five glasses and one cloth in various locations around the room. Take care to ensure that nothing is positioned where it might easily fall or break
4. Tell all participants that their task is to find a bottle of fizzy, a cloth and the glasses, open the bottle and pour their Patrol a glass of fizzy. 5. Tell the participants the rules: – The PL cannot move from his/her position and cannot use their hands.
– No Patrol member must complete more than one task
– Blind Patrol members must use their writing hand only and place the other behind their back throughout the exercise
PL now gives instructions to the rest of the Patrol
– Task 1 is to find the bottle and bring it to the PL
– Task 2 is to find the glass and bring it to the PL
– Task 3 is to find the cloth and bring it to the PL
– Task 4 is to open the bottle of fizzy drink
– Task 5 is to pour the drink into the glasses and offer it to the PL
– Task 6 (for the PL) is to drink the fizzy without using their hands
– Task 7 is for the rest of the Patrol to have a drink
1. Once one team leader has drunk the fizzy, signifying the successful completion of the challenge, you can announce the winning team.
2. Award a prize if appropriate.
To make it more challenging, you can have ALL the Patrols working at once


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