Sheet Bend Race

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A game to test the speed a patrol can tie Sheet Bends, Reef Knots and Bowlines!


Knotting Ropes, One bum-sized piece of cardboard per Patrol.


One member of the patrol is seated on a piece of cardboard a distance away from the patrol. The rest of the patrol each have one piece of rope about 6' long. On "Go" each patrol must join all pieces of rope using a sheet bend or reef knot [specified by the leader] and throw completed rope close enough to player on cardboard so that they can reach it. Player on cardboard cannot move and rope must fall within their arms' reach. When they catch the rope, they must tie a bowline around their waist and the rest of the patrol must pull them across line where they have thrown the rope from.


  • game
  • Knot Tying
  • knots
  • rope

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