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Typical timetable
Toby's Chef School timetable
We've got a packed timetable in store for pupils of Toby's Chef School, combining demonstrations, discussions and all-important tasting to help children learn more about healthy eating.

This is how we do it:

10:00am Children arrive at their local Toby Carvery
A member of our team will be waiting to greet the teacher and their class.
10:05am Welcome
Introducing Toby Carvery and its famous roast dinners.
10:10am Vegetable workshop
A practical session for children to learn all about our veg in its raw form, before it's freshly prepared for our guests to eat.
11:10am Photographs
An opportunity to pose for a memento of the day.
11:30am Carvery demonstration
A Toby Master Carver reveals their skills in serving our freshly roasted joints – and teachers are invited to have a go.
11:45am Time to eat
Chef School pupils can help themselves from the carvery deck, enjoying a nutritious lunch filled with the delicious ingredients they've learned so much about.
12:15pm Goodbye – until your next visit...






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