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Completing the energy section of the scientist badge


Marshmallows, spaghetti (x6 sets)
cork, needle, magnet, container of water (x size of pack) and a compass


Marshmallow towers - Have the cubs work in sixes to build a basic tower. Test tower to see how strong it is with a small weight.
First ask if any cub knows how to make their tower stronger, then explain that using triangle formations makes a structure stronger
Re-build the marshmallow towers and re-test.

Compass - Put the un-magnetized needle through the cork to show that it can point to anywhere than just magnetic north.
Take the needle off the cork and magnetize it by using the north end of the magnet and brushing it against the needle in SAME direction each time.
Put the needle back through the cork and allow to float and show that it is now pointing towards magnetic north.
You should now be able to show them that if you hold another magnet nearby with the needle will be attracted or repelled.
If you hold a non-magnetic object close to the needle i.e a paper clip the needle should be attracted to it as it is now magnetized.


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