IGG PATHFINDER: Becoming a Guide 02

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Learn and understand the Guide Law so that you can try to do your best to keep it


Materials Needed
Small sparkly stickers – enough for at least 10 for each Guide
Ideas for explaining Guide Laws to Guides


Share and explain the Guides the 10 Guide Law and how they should try to use them every day at
e.g.home, school, shops.

Guide Law
1.A Guide is honest and reliable
2.A Guide is loyal
3.A Guide is useful and helps others
4.A Guide is a friend to all and a sister to every other Guide
5.A Guide is polite and considerate
6.A Guide cares for all living things and their environment
7.A Guide is responsible and respects authority
8.A Guide has courage and is cheerful in difficulties
9.A Guide makes use of time, talents and materials
10.A Guide respects herself and others in all she thinks, says and does

This activity could, if wished, be done over two weeks.
Ask the Guides to have a good look at their hand and fingers.
Talk with the Guides about each of the laws in turn giving them a sticker for the nail of the relevant finger when you are finished that Guide Law. This could be done over two weeks to allow
more time for discussion.
Use the sheet on the second page of the uploaded file to help your discussion.


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