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Be able to recognise and understand the meaning of the flag of the Irish Girl Guides
To enable Guides to know about the Irish Girl Guides flag


Materials Needed

Green paper/card (half an A4 sheet per Guide) and
white card (one sheet per Guide)
Copy of IGG logo and Irish Girl Guides label
Scissors, Glue or
Copy of flag template in uploaded file for colouring
Colouring materials


Instructions: Each Guide should get:

One A4 sheet of white card and half A4 sheet of green paper/card. Copy of IGG logo and Irish Girl Guides label
Scissors and glue or
A copy of the flag template for each Guide
Colouring materials
Guides should cut out logo and label and glue onto green paper/card to make flag. Alternatively you can ask the Guides to colour in the
flag correctly. As they do this you should explain the meaning. When they are finished you should ask them to explain its meaning.
Description and meaning of the Irish Girl Guides Flag:

The background of the flag is green to represent Ireland
The Irish Girl Guides’ logo is a yellow trefoil representing the three parts of the Promise
There is a blue celtic knot in the centre of the trefoil
The celtic knot symbolises continuous friendship
The title of the organisation is written on the flag underneath the logo
Further information bit.ly/IGGFlag and Guidelines for flags: bit.ly/IGGFlagGuidelines


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