Campfire cooking

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tinfoil cooking on embers


Fire burned down to get hot embers for cooking


Cornerstones: Tinfoil Cooking
 Leaders to organise cooking activity with Cubs to prepare hangi pack meal - potatoes kumara meat (all pre cooked cooked) as we will just be reheating on fire tin foil(ensure meat fully cooked & kept art correct temperature b4 proceeding.)
 Place 4 tins over hot embers & place a wire rack ( we used concrete re enforcing wire) so foil packs don't fall through.
 While these were cooking we went inside & built marshmallow towers which we later dismantled & toasted over embers.
 Retrieve & ensure the food is hot & steaming before consuming - coll a little & hand out to cubs to eat.
 After clean up ensure fire is put out & all food/foil disposed of correctly.
 If night is wet alternative cooking option is to make pancakes with different ingredients in them. This could be done on stove, or BBQ / gas cookers under cover.



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