IGG DETECT: Becoming a Brownie Guide 02

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2. Know the Leader silence sign




Introduce the Leader silence sign to new Brownies and remind the rest of the Pack.

Explain to the Brownies that they may have noticed that the Leaders use a special sign when they would like all the Brownies to be quiet, to stand still and to listen. They put their right hand up in the air and they stand still and quiet.

Tell the Brownies that, when they see any of the Leaders doing this, they should stop what they are doing, stay quiet and stand still with their hand up as well. The message will pass from one Brownie to another very quickly and everyone will be ready to listen to the Leader.

Complete a few practice runs with the Brownies to get them used to the silence sign. Ask them to chatter and walk around and you will surprise them with the sign.

As a Leader it is important that you don’t shout. Sometimes you can ensure greater attention if you speak quietly and softly. Then the Brownies have to pay attention to listen carefully.


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