IGG DETECT: Becoming a Brownie Guide 06

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6. Take part in a Pow Wow




To introduce Pow Wow to the Brownies. You can use these whenever you have to get the Brownies together to share their news, to update them on upcoming events or to discuss and plan.

If all the Brownies in the Brownie Ring were to take a step in and sit down with their elbows touching, you would have a Pow Wow Ring.

• In the Pow Wow Ring everybody has the right to speak. Other Brownies should always be polite enough to listen
• The Pow Wow Ring is used to think up Good Turns, to share news, and plan outings
• When a Brownie wishes to talk, she points her 3 fingers of her right hand into the ring

For more information on the Brownie Guide Sign – see the next challenge - IGG DETECT: Becoming a Brownie Guide 7


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