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7. Know the Brownie Guide Promise and Sign


Brownie Promise on paper/card for each Six


To introduce the Brownies to the Brownie Guide Promise and Sign.

Explain the Brownie Guide Promise

I promise to do my best
to do my duty to my God* and my country
To help those at home every day and
to obey the Brownie Guide Law.

*The word "God" may be replaced by the word "faith" according to one's spiritual beliefs.

Print out the Brownie Guide Promise and cut out each word or write the Promise on cards – as some Brownies can’t read yet it is a good idea to have different colours for each Six or you could print the name of the Six on the back of each card.

Divide the Brownies into their Sixes. Put the words of the Promise at one end of the hall. Get each Brownie to run up and pick up a piece and bring it back. Continue until all the pieces are picked up. Then get the Brownies to put the pieces together in the order of the Promise and the first group to put their pieces together and say the Promise together are the winners.

The Brownie Sign is made by raising three fingers of the right hand to the shoulder, keeping the thumb and little finger bent so that they touch and the elbow down as much as possible. The three fingers remind us of the three parts of the Promise. The Brownie Sign is used when making or repeating the Promise.

Ask the Brownies to talk about what they think we mean by doing their best, helping other people etc.


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