IGG DETECT: Becoming a Brownie Guide 09

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9. Know the Brownie Guide Motto (Hand Chart)


A long strip of paper (not too thick) for each Brownie


To help Brownies to understand the Brownie Guide Motto.

Lend a Hand

Make sure the Brownies know the difference between ‘a good turn’ which she must do every day and what it means to ‘lend a hand’.

Instructions (picture in attached file)
1. The Brownie places her hand on one end of the paper with her little finger on the edge. She carefully draws round her hand (another Brownie can do the drawing and then swap over).

2. The paper is then folded over so that the thumb touches the fold.

3. The rest of the paper is folded concertina fashion, with the folds coming where the little finger and thumb come on the edge.

4. Cut out carefully; do NOT cut out the little bit of thumb or tip of finger in the folds. The chart can be taken home to be filled in by the Brownie.


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