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Discuss ways of including everybody in Brownie Guides and how we can ensure no one is left out( Beat the Bullies Role Play)


Role play cards with bullying examples (ideas below)


Beat the bullies. Bullies are often people who have problems themselves. The things about a person they pick on can often be something they are secretly jealous or scared of. Don’t join in with people who bully, it isn’t big to make others feel small.

· Divide the Brownies into their Sixes or teams of 3 or more
· Have each Six draw one of the role play cards from a hat
· Give the Sixes 2 minutes to come up with a short role play that illustrates what’s on the card
· The other Sixes have to guess what is happening
· The first Six to guess the reason gets 5 points and so on until all Sixes have finished

Examples for Role Play Cards - Role play cards with bullying scenes like the following:
· One of you is being called names and made to feel small. The others watch and don’t help
· Three of you are picking on another girl. She simply walks away
· One of you is being ignored and not allowed to join in playing a game
· Two of you are making fun of one girl. Another one comes to help the girl who’s being bullied

Ask the Brownies to make suggestions.

Consider what it is like to be teased, ignored, shouted at or picked on. How did the person being bullied feel? What about the people doing the bullying? Talk with your Leader about how you deal with bullying. Discuss what the Brownies should do if they are being bullied.

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