IGG EXPLORE: Compulsory Challenge 06 TEAMWORK

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Write a letter of thanks


- Card
- Paper
- Glue
- Scissors
- Colouring pencils
- Pens
- Pencils


To help Brownies to understand the importance of saying thank you and recognising when people are kind to them.
In completing this activity the Brownies are encouraged to look beyond themselves and think of someone who has been kind to them.

Have a whole Unit discussion and talk first about times when the Brownies have been kind to other people, then broaden the discussion to times when people have been kind to the Brownies themselves. Emphasise the importance of remembering to be grateful and say thank you when someone is kind to you.

The Brownies will then break into their Sixes and, using the arts and crafts materials, design a card to say thank you to someone for being kind to them.


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