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Discuss how we can show good teamwork. Show examples of sharing, taking turns and compromise (Interest Badge Brownie Healthy Friendship Option 3)


Long ropes of different lengths – one of each size needed for each Six/group


This activity will help Brownies understand the positives of co-operation, patience and teamwork. Take part in a team building activity.

All in activity
· Ropes of different lengths (2 to 8 metres) are required
· Tie the ends of each rope making a loop/circle
· Divide the Brownies into their Sixes or small groups
· Ask each Six/group to get into the circle formed by the rope without any body parts being outside
· Start the game with the biggest rope and as they achieve this successfully, move to the smaller ropes
· As the circles get smaller they will need to get creative and co-operative to complete the task

Activities bring Brownies together. They can help the Brownies to open up, forget their shyness and improve their communication skills.

More activities can be found at www.buzzle.com.


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