IGG EXPLORE: Compulsory Challenge 09 LIFESKILLS

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Go on a Brownie Guide Day Out and before you go, know what you need to bring (Leader Instructions)


- Good pair of walking shoes
- Raingear or sun-cream depending on the weather
- A small packed lunch
- A notebook and pencil
- A plastic bag for your litter


Get to enjoy your local area by organising a walk around the village or town where you live. Inform parents where and when the walk will be. Brownies should know the Safe Cross Code especially for built up towns or cities. Ensure that there is a sufficient number of Leaders to assist – 1 adult to 8 Brownies for an outing.

· Leaders should check out a possible route and arrange for a quiz along the way ensuring to keep to the available time
· The quiz should include questions about some of the following: the local buildings and shops, restaurants/cafes, library, fire station, community hall, council offices, recycling areas, car parks
· The Brownies should also be familiar with some of the people that you see in the community like the traffic warden, lollipop lady etc.
· Some other questions could be: How many traffic lights did you pass along the way? What time of the day would you expect to see the lollipop lady?
· The quiz should be tailored to suit your own local area and it should be a fun way for the Brownies to learn about the locality
· Stop off in a local park or area along the way to eat lunch


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