IGG INVESTIGATE: Compulsory Challenge 03 OUTDOORS

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Identify the seven principles of Leave No Trace


Create a set of cards showing actions humans take that affect the environment



Introduce “Leave No Trace” to your Brownies and discuss the 7 principles:
1. Plan and prepare.
2. Be considerate of others.
3. Respect farm animals and wildlife.
4. Travel and camp on durable ground.
5. Leave what you find.
6. Dispose of waste property.
7. Minimise the effects of fire.

Create a set of 20 or more cards ahead of time that show actions humans take that affect the environment. Examples: straying from established trails, picking wildflowers, building large campfires, running and yelling, feeding wild animals, littering, urinating near streams and cutting down trees. You could use magazines to cut out pictures or google.

To start, collect all of the cards and pull two from the stack at random. Read the impacts listed aloud and have the Brownies decide which is more disgusting or distasteful, setting that card aside (no need to take a vote; just get a consensus of which action is worse). Repeat with additional pairs of cards until you’ve worked your way through the deck.

Play a second round, this time using only the cards you set aside in the first round. Follow the same process, again setting aside the cards most Brownies selected.


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