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Learn about Brownie Guides from two other countries, what they are called, what Promise they make and what their Promise badge is. Find their country on a map (Fruit Basket)


- Colouring sheets of Brownies in other countries
- Pictures of the 4 permanent World Centres
- Chairs for game (optional)

Safety note: please check in advance if any of your Brownies has an allergy


To remind the Brownies that as Brownies they are part of a world-wide group of girls.

Ask the Brownies do they know what WAGGGS stands for? Do they know that there are 4 permanent World Centres in Mexico, UK, India and Switzerland? What are the centres called? Show them the pictures of these 4 World Centres.

Give each Six one of the four countries and ask them to colour the uniform of the Brownie in that country.
Explain that they are going to play a game that is played by Brownies in India (see if they can remember what the World Centre in India is called).

Fruit Basket (A Sangam game)
The Brownies sit on chairs in a circle. Each Brownie is a fruit*. There should be several of the same fruits, for example 3 of each one. One Brownie is in the middle. That Brownie yells the name of a fruit such as "banana" and all of the Brownies who are bananas must stand up and run to sit in the chair of another banana. The Brownie in the middle also runs for a chair. The Brownie who does not get a chair stands in the middle and calls out the next fruit. Sometimes, the Brownie should call "fruit basket" and everyone runs for a new chair.

*It’s fun to use fruits that are common in India such as papaya, banana, pomegranate, sweet lime (mosambi), orange, pineapple, coconut.

Optional: Ask each Six to find out 3 things about Brownies in the country their colouring in sheet is from and bring this information back to the meeting the following week.
Uniforms from Guiding with Jewels bit.ly/brownieuniforms


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