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2. Take part in games or activities to get to know each other better and explore our similarities and differences


Coloured Counters (red, yellow, green, orange and blue) – you will need 4 to 5 counters per Brownie


Each Brownie in your Pack is good at something - find out whom in your Pack is good at what and be able to share with their Six or with the Pack in a Pow Wow. This teaches the Brownies that they are all different and promotes self-esteem.

For this activity you may wish to divide the Brownies into teams if they already know the Brownies in their own Six.

1. Divide the Brownies into their Sixes or teams of 5-6 and ask them to sit in a circle.
2. Pass a bag of counters around each circle, asking each Brownie to take out 4 or 5 counters, without looking in bag, and tell them there can be no swapping.
3. Then once the Brownies have their counters, explain that for every counter they have they must tell their Six or team something about themselves.

Colour Codes (optional)
Yellow Things you like to do
Green Favourite animals/pets
Orange Say something about school
Red Favourite food
Blue Family and Friends

4. When the first Brownie tells her Six or team something about herself, you move on to the next Brownie. Keep going around and round the circle till each Brownie has shared 4-5 things about themselves with their Six or team.

This activity can also be run in a Pow Wow with the Leader facilitating it.

While we are all different we can have similar interests which help us to be part of our community.


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