IGG DISCOVER: Becoming a Ladybird Guide 11

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Wear your official Ladybird Guide uniform


One cut-out doll for each Ladybird (see template in attached file)
Markers – plenty of red and navy

Optional: navy card or material for sash and neckerchief


To teach the Ladybirds the importance of wearing their Ladybird Guide uniform to Ladybird meetings and days out so that other people will know about Ladybirds.

• Get each of the Ladybirds to draw in a sash and neckerchief on the cut-out doll. Leaders might need to assist

• Then ask each Ladybird to colour in their cut-out doll in Ladybird uniform colours

Optional: Instead of drawing the sash and neckerchief you could use card or material and stick them on when colouring in is finished.

Talk to the Ladybirds about wearing all of their uniform.


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