IGG TRAIL BLAZER: Compulsory Challenge 2 GUIDING B

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Find out about the World Bureau, the World Centres and the World Thinking Day Fund.
The Guides will find out more about the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS); the World Bureau and the work it does; the Thinking Day Fund and what it is used for.


Access to internet


Instructions: Ask the Guides to research the following: WAGGGS; The World Bureau and the work it does; The Thinking Day Fund and what it is used for.
Explain that they can use the internet or local library to find out relevant information.
Ask them to present their findings in a scrap bookor in a format of their choice e.g. presentation, picture.
This activity may take one or a few weeks, depending on the Guide.

Debrief: Ask the Guides to tell the group about any interesting facts they discovered.
Did any Guide have difficulty finding relevant information? If so, how did they overcome it?

Sources: WAGGGS www.wagggs.org/en/home World Thinking Day www.worldthinkingday.org/en/home

Outcome: act consistently based on Guiding values


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  • thinking day fund
  • world bureau

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