IGG DISCOVER: Now you’re a Ladybird Guide 02

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Learn about different ways to help others at home/playground/school


Optional: copy of picture overleaf printed onto card.


Learn about different ways to help others at home, in the playground, and at school.

Have a discussion with Ladybirds about how they can help others:

I am helpful to others – A Ladybird helps with a smile

I help to tidy up at Ladybirds

At the shops I help fill the shopping trolley

At play I share fairly with others

At School I pay full attention to the teacher
I care for my books

At Home I tidy my toys
I tidy my bedroom

Optional: Print pictures onto card and get the Ladybirds to pick up a card and see if they can tell you which place it relates to e.g. shop, at play, at school, at home or describe one way that they could help with that object.


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