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IGG TRAIL BLAZER: Compulsory Challenge 1 GUIDING A

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Plan and carry out an activity to help younger Guides understand the Promise.
This activity will help your Guides to plan and carry out an activity to help younger Guides to understand the Promise.


Cards with half of one line or phrase of the Promise

Another set of cards with activities such as jumping jacks, running on the spot, stretches, toe touches, one foot hops, sit ups, leg raises ankle rolls etc.

Light cardboard and scissors or file cards, markers


Older Guides should work together to plan and carry out an activity to help younger Guides to understand the Promise.

Some examples could include:

Post one phrase card with one activity card at various places around your meeting area. Read out the other half of the phrase of the Promise in the appropriate order. Guides find the matching phrase card and do the activity on the accompanying activity card. The group returns to the Leader for the next phrase. Continue this seek-and-find activity until you have completed the Promise;

Each Patrol does a Role Play on how to use the Promise every day;

Print the Promise in large letters on the cardboard. Cut the words apart so that there are a few of words per card and one set of cards per group. Arrange the Guides for a relay race. Mix one set of cards up on the floor for each group. The Guides race to their pile and pick up a card to put the Promise together, one card at a time. While waiting for their turn to get a card, Guides can work on putting the words in the right order.

Discussion: Discuss the Promise with the younger Guides.

Source Girl Guides of Canada: bit.ly/15LSlNb


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