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Identify dangers around the home


Picture of a kitchen which contains 13 different dangers (picture is in attached file - one picture for each Ladybird if they are going to colour them in, if not one picture per group)
Images of different things that are found in the home that may be dangerous
Colouring pencils, crayons (optional if you are going to get Ladybirds to colour the picture)


Have a discussion with the Ladybirds about things that only adults are allowed touch in their house (cleaning products, sharp knives, etc.) or things that they have to ask Mammy/Daddy to give them e.g. medicine, cough mixture.

Divide the Ladybirds into two groups and go through the picture of the kitchen if doing the activity this way. Ask them to see how many dangers they can see in the picture. There are 13 different dangers to be found. Both groups will probably need a Leader with them to write out the answers that the Ladybirds give. When they have finished, if there’s time, give a sheet to each Ladybird in each group to colour in.

1. Hot water pouring over the edge of the sink.
2. Water boiling over in the pan on the cooker.
3. Toast on fire.
4. Electric heater on the floor is standing in water, its cover is broken.
5. Iron left switched on and steaming.
6. Smashed plate on the floor.
7. Matches on table.
8. Knife on edge of side board.
9. Kettle left boiling.
10. Tumbler on edge of table.

Now we have 3 things that someone can trip over:
11. Skipping rope around table leg.
12. Mat under table has a corner rumpled and sticking out.
13. Ironing board has a leg sticking out.

Also ask the Ladybirds to look at the other sheet with pictures of different things in the home and get them to pick out the dangerous items and say why they are dangerous.


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