IGG TRAIL BLAZER: Compulsory Challenge 3 OUTDOORS

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Know and teach to other Guides 3 of the following knots -reef knot, bowline, clove hitch, round turn and two half hitches, sheet bend. Know what they are used for. (Gadgets)


Rope (different colours)
Piece of wood/cardboard
Bamboo or staves


The Guides will learn knots and the progress from simple knots to making gadgets.

Demonstrate a reef knot, a bowline, a clove hitch, a round turn and two half hitches and a sheet bend using sturdy rope. (Basic knots on next page)

One suggested idea is for each group to make a knot board: This is a piece of wood or cardboard showing the common knots.

Teach the Guides how to do each knot. The ropes can be reopened to allow the Guides to practice when they have some spare time.

Make some gadgets (ideas on following pages).

Hold a competition between the groups to see who can make the best gadget.

Debrief: Explain the various uses of each knot.

Acknowledgement: www.scoutingresources.org.uk/pioneering


  • Gadgets
  • IGG
  • knots
  • Mid West Regional Conference 2018
  • outdoors

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