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4. Discuss different ways of reducing water and energy use at home. Try one of these ways for a week and keep a record of what you’ve done (Linked to Interest Badge Brownie Environmental Awareness Option 1)


Optional – home water audit (see attached file)


This activity will help the Brownies understand how they can help save water.

Get the Brownies to discuss ways that they waste water and what they can do to save it.

Some suggestions for your discussion:

Ways to Save Water
• Take shorter showers
• Turn off the water while brushing your teeth
• Rinse vegetables in a sink of water
• Fully load your dishwasher
• Rinse dishes in a sink of water
• Wash full loads of clothes
• Use a bucket instead of a hose to wash your car
• When you are washing your hands put the plug in the basin instead of letting the water run
• Do not let the water run while putting shampoo and conditioner in your hair

You could also ask the Brownies to do a home audit – template next page.

The template is provided by Sutton and East Surrey Water

Energy usage
There is a suggested activity to do an ‘energy audit’ under IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE Choice Challenges 39


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