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Know 8 things that we share with Brownie Guides around the world (Necklace/Lei)


Print out of the attached file page two for each Brownie to colour

or Coloured paper for each Brownie to make strips to write on

Glue or tape


To show the Brownies that they are connected to Brownies all around the World.

Discuss with the Brownies things we have in common with Brownies around the world.

To help in your discussion they include: Promise; Motto; Trefoil; Good Turn; Uniform; Sixes; Sign or Salute; Left Handshake; World Thinking Day; Olave Baden Powell; Robert Baden-Powell; WAGGGS World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts; World Flag; and Good Turn.

Option 1
Give the Brownies a selection of coloured paper cut into narrow strips. The Brownies write links that we share with Brownies around the world on each strip. They glue the strips together to form a chain or necklace.

Option 2
A lei is a garland worn around the neck in some Pacific islands. It is usually made of flowers or leaves. Make this lei showing the links shared by Brownies, Guides and Girl Scouts around the world. Cut out the strips (as shown on template on the next page), make into a paper chain and use the last strip to link into a garland to wear round your neck.


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