Rope Making from Toilet Paper

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Make some rope from Toilet Paper...


Reversing Electric Drill (preferably with screwdriver setting), Toilet Paper, Cup Hook, Vice (or similar)


1. Take 3 lengths of toilet paper and attach one end of each to the vice.
2. Place the cup hook in the drill.
3. Fold the free end of the first strand over the cup hook and slowly twist using the drill to form one strand of the rope.
It's easiest to start by letting the hook twist slowly in your hand until the toilet paper is secured.
Don't twist it too tight or it'll break! Unhook from the drill - it doesn't matter if the strand untwists slightly.
4. Repeat for the other two strands.
5. Now reverse the direction of the drill (this is very important).
6. Gather the three strands together and attach all three to the cup hook.
7. Twist the strands together to form your rope.

It's remarkable how strong this rope is but for even more fun this can be repeated again (so start with 9 strands). Just remember to reverse the direction of the drill each time you gather three strands.

Associated Patrol challenges:
1. See how strong the rope is by attaching to a bucket and slowly filling with water until it breaks
2. See how long you can make the rope, or try splicing to join two lengths
3. See how many times you can gather the three strands (its does get quite thick eventually but I'm told you can pull a bus with rope made from toilet paper this way - never tried it though!)
4. Try splicing and whipping techniques to tidy up the end of the rope


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