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Explain how to keep a home safe for young children (Safe Home)


Statement Sheet


Play it Safe – True or False Game.
As each statement is read the Guides in Patrols decide whether it is true or false.
If false the Guides in Patrol form themselves into an F, if True into a T.

1. Babies should be laid to sleep on their backs. TRUE
2. Peanuts are healthy food for young children. FALSE – Peanuts are a common cause of choking in children.
3. Water in a kettle or teapot can still scald up to 30 minutes after it has been boiled. TRUE
4. Babies should always be supervised when feeding. TRUE – a baby left alone with a popped up bottle can easily choke.
5. Always put cold water in a baby’s bath first. TRUE – if a child is put into a bath of very hot water he/she could die. The water should be comfortably warm but not hot.
6. Each year one child in every six is taken to Accident & Emergency. TRUE
7. In cold weather a baby should be given a hot water bottle FALSE – babies should not be allowed get too warm.
8. If a child swallows something poisonous, give her /him salt water immediately to make her vomit. FALSE –
salt can be dangerous in large amounts, give milk or water to dilute the poison and call medical help.
9. Babies learn to roll over at around 5 months. TRUE-
babies should never be left alone where they might roll off the edge of something e.g. a sofa.
10. Babies do not need more than a nappy, vest and a babygro to sleep in. TRUE



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