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Understand the meaning of the National Flag of Ireland and know how to take care of it.


A4 sheet of white card
Quarter A4sheet of green and orange card
Set of statements re meaning and care of Irish National Flag
Copies of word search (on following page)


Guides will learn about the meaning and care of the National Flag.

On the next page you will find information on the meaning of the National Flag of Ireland.

National Flag Poster:
Cut out green and orange segments of card to the appropriate size. Glue to the white A4 sheet to form flag at the top of the page. Cut ‘meaning and care of flag’ statements into strips and glue (or can write them if preferred) them onto the white A4 sheet underneath the flag.

National Flag of Ireland Quiz
Get the Guides to put away the flag poster they have just made. This activity can be done by giving the Guides the quiz (minus the answers of course) to answer the questions or in a group as a true/false game with one side of the room being ‘true’ and the opposite ‘false’.

1. The National Flag of Ireland is made of three equal-sized squares of orange, white, and green (this type of flag is called a tricolour). False
2. The flag is as wide as it is tall. False
3. The green side is by the flagpole.
4. This flag was first used in 1916. False
5. The green, white and orange tricolour symbolises the union of the different people that make up the nation. True
6. The flag is only flown after sunset. False
7. It should be kept clean and tidy at all times. True
8. It should not be allowed to touch the ground. True
9. The flag is great for a decoration at football matches. False
10. The flag should be hoisted rapidly and ceremoniously. True
11. When the Irish National Anthem is played, Guides should stand to attention facing the flag and make the Guide sign, until the end of the Anthem. True

This activity can be done by Guides individually or in pairs.


  • Flag Care
  • Irish Flag

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